ヘッディング 2

KURIKURIART celebrated its  11th anniversary. We are currently working as a public interest organization in Kashiwa  city japan.

The foundation of the fun design curriculum is created by Miki Kanda, and young people play analctive role in the branches and leaves of sense. All assistant lectures are greduate of The University of Art and Design. Lets grow up through Children.

though over the World!


Making and drawing starts with drawing. At KURIKURIART, we will privide guidance acording to the age of the moon. Teaching requires young power ,drawing mind and artistic passion.

​Craft and  Infant Art

Making things starts with drawing .Making process is very exciting !

​Infant Art  it will be the most necessary time for emotional education.

Lets experince joy  of touching ,feeling, drawing, making junk!

International  Exchange 

International Exchange 2015 

We received an inquiry about international exchange from Wuhan,China.

Children  and  teachers visited and held a workshop on and Etegami with KURIKURIART.

Communicate with children in English and eyes!

I got on my back and made it while my hand was pulled.

Guardian full floor!

I was invited to Wuhan,where I visited an art class and received a public welcome.Children love to make and draw.


Miki Kanda

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