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​Course guidelines and course details

Painting, molding, design, drawing, oil painting, online instruction, etc.

​Please feel free to contact us



Toddlers: Energetic production using crayons.

Elementary school lower grades: Training for seeing, touching, and creativity. Lifestyle, color concepts, color scheme effects, etc.

Elementary school 4 and above: Painting instruction will be given while performing copying ability and image training.


Infants: We will guide you through a curriculum that allows you to experience the joy of encountering materials and making them by age.

Elementary school students: We will create a curriculum that fosters creativity while valuing drafting, cutter work, tool guidance, and other processes.

Scrap Craft: Eco-Products Scrap craft is very popular. Let's create freely with junk at home.

Water power, wind power, motors, etc. during summer vacation.


​ design

A fun curriculum that conveys the real thrill of visual communication that conveys things in a simplified manner.

Usable designs, posters, etc.

​drawing/oil painting

Drawing is training to see things. Learn while using geometric shapes. It's a stoic world, but when you understand the drawing, the world you draw will change dramatically.

Oil painting is a genre that I and Mr. Misaki specialize in.

Children from the 4th grade can experience the full-scale charm of fascinating oil paintings.



Let's enjoy drawing with an iPad ・Draw Online & Correction.

Even if you are abroad or far away, you can experience the fun of ART online as long as you have the Internet.

iPad illustration: Currently, in Kashiwa City, 1st and 2nd graders are provided with the iPad education system.

Would you like to learn how to easily draw illustrations with an iPad?

Drawing & Correction Course: Ideal for those who are too far away to go to the atelier. Lecturers are instructors from the University of the Arts and Suidota Art Academy.

You can learn effectively by combining online and correction.

​ Exhibition

Palette Kashiwa Exhibition, Huckleberry Books Cyclamen Exhibition, Refresh Plaza Gallery Exhibition.


Course introduction Venue/Monthly fee


(Thursday) Palette Kashiwa

Multi-purpose A Scheduled to be used after September 2023

(Friday) Refresh Plaza Kashiwa

Conference Room 1 Use twice a month Schedule below

(Sat) Atelier


* Lessons are tax included.

Monthly deposit via postal savings direct

Entrance fee ¥5,000

Painting materials cost separately (painting ¥ 100, modeling ¥ 600)


◆ (Thursday) Palette Kashiwa

Core time from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

* Core time A system that allows you to freely set the time in consideration of work and traffic conditions.

Infant: 50 minute lesson x 2 lessons_¥5,000

Elementary school students: 90 minute lessons x 2 lessons_¥7,000

Elementary school students: 120 minute lesson x 2 lessons_¥8,000


◆ (Friday) Refresh Plaza Kashiwa

Core time from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Infant: 50 minute lesson x 2 lessons_¥5,000

Elementary school students: 90 minutes x 2 lessons_¥7,000

Elementary school students and above: 120 minutes x 2 lessons_¥8,000


◆ (Saturday) Atelier


120 minute lesson x 2 lessons_¥8,800

◆Drawing: 1 lesson ¥5,000 per 120 minutes x desired number of lessons

*1 assignment 3 lessons

◆Oil painting: 150 minute lesson ¥6,000 x 3 lessons_art supplies ¥3,000 total ¥21,000

*Normally 3 lessons


◆ Online

Enjoy drawing with an iPad: 4 people at a time (ZOOM)

60 minutes x 2 lessons_¥10,000


◆ Drawing online & correction: number of requests per month (one-on-one)

60 minutes 1 lesson_¥10,000 x desired number of times

One-on-one drawing training + correction class



Miki Kanda

TEL: 09071767285, Email address:

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